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Dog in the car: 4 tips against motion sickness

Often, dogs' disenchantment with the car is linked to trauma or motion sickness. Motion sickness results in vocalizations, diarrhea, gasping, nausea and vomiting. Understand your dog better and realize some simple and regular exercises with it can change everything!
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Trees and shrubs

Pruning trees and shrubs

It is better not to prune than to prune badly.Before you rush on your pruner, read these tips.Read also: Pruning trees and shrubsPruning cloud treesPruning rosesPruning apple and pear treesPruning hedges, the right period pruning? It has various objectives: directing the growth of the shrub or tree, giving it a harmonious shape, stimulating its flowering and removing diseased or dead branches.
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Fruit trees

Bilberry: from planting to harvest

The blueberry is a wonderful small fruit tree whose easy cultivation will delight you with its delicious blueberries.In summary, what you need to know: Name: VacciniumFamily: EricaceaeType: Fruit shrubHeight: 80 to 150 cmExposition: Sunny and partial shadeSoil: Acid, heather earth Foliage: Deciduous - Flowering: May - Harvest: Summer Also read: health benefits of blueberries Planting, watering, pruning and maintenance will improve the harvest of blueberries.
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Plants and Health

Chocolate: benefits and virtues

Chocolate and cocoa are appreciated for their health benefits and virtues, especially cardiovascular. Cocoa a small tree with leaves produces edible beans from which cocoa, chocolate and cocoa butter are made. benefits and virtues of this delicious product?
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Topdressing: meaning and tips

Composting consists of spreading directly on your lawn a layer of 1/2 to 1 cm of potting soil to provide it with the additional organic matter necessary for its good development.You can also use a compost whose fertilizing action will provide all the needs. needed for your lawn for a year.
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Generous azaleas ...

Created by the American rhododendron specialist Buddy Lees and labeled Fleurs de France, they bloom 2 to 3 times a year and revolutionize this family of azaleas. Read also: Maintaining your azalea well persistent and varied colors: the azalea is a magnificent shrub of the rhododendron family, almost essential in the garden.
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