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Chinese almond tree, a spectacular flowering

Chinese almond tree, a spectacular flowering

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Very appreciated for its superb blooming in spring, the Chinese almond tree is also very spectacular! (Photo © vodolej)

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Prunus triloba
Family : Rosaceae

Type: Shrub
Height: 2 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny

Flowering: Spring -Foliage : Obsolete

Chinese almond plantation

It is recommendedplant in autumn to promote good rooting. Indeed, the resumption and flowering in spring will be favored by planting the Chinese almond tree after the summer.

You can still plant your Chinese almond tree in the spring if it is purchased in a pot. Take care, in this case, to water regularly during the first year after planting.

Almond tree in pot:

Growing the Chinese almond tree in a pot is quite possible.

  • A flowering shrub soil is ideal, but any other planting and even universal soil will do.
  • Make sure that the pot or tub is well drilled at the bottom so that the water can drain out.
  • Water regularly because the water needs of a potted shrub are greater.
  • The application of fertilizer for flowering shrubs at the very beginning of spring is essential, especially after the 1st year, to be renewed every year.

Pruning and caring for the Chinese almond tree

After flowering, prune the branches of the year short to the level of a beautiful outward-facing bud. The one-year-old shoots flower best.

Once properly seated, the Chinese almond tree requires very little care and very little maintenance.

Adding late-winter flowering shrub fertilizer will help your almond tree bloom and grow through the years and seasons.

Chinese almond tree in a pot:

To prevent it from growing too large, cut short any twigs that flowered in spring.

To know about the Chinese almond tree

The Chinese almond tree or prunus triloba takes on all its splendor at the end of winter with the abundant appearance of large pale pink pompoms.

Although this period is short, it nevertheless allows you to give your garden a beautiful note of color from the first sunny days!

The Chinese almond tree will be no less pretty the rest of the year, as it adorns itself with the seasons with beautiful, finely cut leaves.

Contrary to the almond tree that we cultivate for almonds, the latter does not give edible fruit.

Smart tip about Chinese almond

During flowering, you can cut a few branches and put them in a large vase: decorative effect guaranteed!

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