Lomatia: planting, pruning, and advice on caring for it

Lomatia: planting, pruning, and advice on caring for it

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Lomatia tinctoria is a superb evergreen shrub that flowers in summer. Easy to care for, here are the tips, from planting to flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lomatia tinctoria
Family : Proteaceae
Type : Evergreen shrub

: 2 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained, acidic

: Persistent -Flowering : Summer

Planting lomatia tinctoria

Planting Lomatia tinctoria is an important step that will determine the proper development of your shrub and the abundance of flowering.

Lomatia tinctoria in open ground :

Lomatia tinctoria is an easy to maintain shrub, but soil quality and location are important.

  • Planting takes place preferably in spring.
  • Lomatia tinctoria likes acidic soils, even sandy.
  • Choose a rather sunny location.

Lomatia tinctoria in pot :

Lomatia tinctoria is very suitable for container culture.

  • Choose a large pot right away, this will avoid repotting too quickly and the Lomatia tinctoria will feel better.
  • Make a mixture of heather soil and planting potting soil.
  • The pot should be pierced and a bed of clay balls or gravel at the bottom will provide good drainage.

Pruning and caring for Lomatia tinctoria

No pruning is really essential, but certain actions should allow you to improve the proper development of your lomatia tinctoria.

After flowering, we remove the faded flowers.

Delete it dead wood as and possibly ventilate the interior of the tree to give it back light.

  • This will allow the lomatia tinctoria to keep a nice compact shape.

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Watering lomatia tinctoria

Pot, it is important to water as soon as the ground is dry, without flooding the pot. During periods of growth, regularly add organic fertilizer for flowering shrubs.

In the ground, water in case of high heat or prolonged drought.

Lomatia tinctoria diseases

Very hardy, Lomatia tinctoria is a shrub that resists disease well.

If the leaves turn black, it is often due to excess water, then reduce watering or make sure the soil is sufficiently well drained.

Good to know about lomatia tinctoria

Lomatia tinctoria is a very easy to maintain shrub which resists frost down to -10 or even -12 ° and flowers profusely in summer.

Native to South Africa, it has a very interesting rounded habit, a beautiful white bloom and very pretty evergreen leaves.

Smart tip

Its flowering and its delicate fragrance make it an ideal shrub to plant in a pot and put on the terrace as close as possible to the table or your lounge chair.

Photo credit: Arthur Chapman

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