Indispensable compost!

Indispensable compost!

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Thanks to composting, the peelings of vegetables or other organic waste are recovered.

And the compost thus obtained benefits your garden, for the vegetable garden, flower beds and fruit trees.

Transforming organic matter into humus is the role of composting, a natural process that reduces kitchen or garden waste by nourishing the soil. In a container provided for this purpose or on a pile of manure placed partly in the shade and sheltered from the wind, all you have to do is place the vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, damaged fruit, clippings. grass, the weeds

This mixture of nitrogenous, carbonaceous, coarse and fine waste must then be stirred regularly to be oxygenated in order to facilitate decomposition under the effect of humidity and various organisms such as bacteria, fungi, earthworms, etc.


After several months, the transformation results in a compost dark in color whose beneficial effects on soil and plants are recognized. When ripe, it can be used in different ways in your garden. By mixing it with potting soil, you can spread a thin layer as a growing medium. It thus contributes to the growth of plants, provided they are not planted directly in the compost. A layer of soil is indeed necessary between the compost and the seeds.

Incorporation into the land must be made as a priority in the fall and at the end of winter. It is also possible in spring under a mulching between the rows of vegetables, but the amount of compost must be adapted to the needs of each variety.

Compost is also useful when plantingfruit trees and for their maintenance by spreading a layer covered with straw around the trunk, under the wingspan. In the dispersing finely between the blades of grass in spring, it ensures a good maintenance of the lawn and also participates, in amendment, to that of shrub hedges and perennials. Finally, to create planters, you can use it in equal proportion with soil and sand.

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