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Delosperma cooperi: the perennial purslane

Delosperma cooperi: the perennial purslane

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Delosperma cooperi is a succulent perennial that blooms profusely from spring to summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Delosperma cooperi
Family : Aizoaceae
Type : Perennial, succulent

Height : 15-20 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : June to October

Succulent plant with very interesting foliage, it is drought resistant and particularly cold.

Planting delosperma cooperi

Delosperma cooperi is planted indifferently, in the fall or in the spring.

  • Prefer a sunny or partially shaded situation during the hottest hours
  • The soil is not too important although this plant prefers when the soil is well drained
  • In spring it is good to add a little fertilizer for flowering plants to improve flowering

It is a plant that is never as pretty as when it forms a upholstery effect, as ground cover or along an embankment

  • Plant 4 or 5 delosperma cooperi per m2
  • Water generously after planting

Caring for delosperma cooperi

Although this plant is easy to maintain and that it grows from year to year, a few gestures will allow you toimprove flowering and above all to extend it as long as possible.

  • Perfect drought plant, it is not necessary to water
  • The succulent foliage is responsible for keeping water in its tissues
  • Removing faded flowers over time allows the plant not to run out and to flower better

Every 2 or 3 years it is good to regenerate the feet by division of the tuft in the fall or early spring.

  • division helps extend the lifespan of your delosperma cooperi
  • here are the perennial dividing tips

If you want limit its proliferation, a annual pruning in early spring is highly recommended

  • Delosperma multiplies indefinitely, with each stem touching the ground becoming a new root

Good to know about delosperma cooperi

Originally from South Africa and sometimes called perennial purslane, delosperma cooperi is a plant with succulent foliage and generous bloom from spring through winter.

His mallow flowers absolutely magnificent brings color and a touch of exoticism to your walls, borders, flower beds and rockeries, but also to your pots or your planters.

Note, however, that there are more than 120 species of delosperma and some offer flowers of a different color.

Among these species we have the delosperma crassuloides with its white flowers or the delosperma echinatum and its yellow flowers.

Its hardiness is quite good with frost resistance in the order of -10 °.

If you want to know the edible purslane whose leaves we like to cultivate, here is the file of thepurslane vegetable garden.

Smart tip about delosperma:

Easy and generous plant, a well-drained soil and a lot of sun are enough for it to fill you with its magnificent flowers.

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